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Cooling Tower Professionals provides a complete repair and rebuild service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. In the case of repair, both normal and emergency services apply. Emergencies can be addressed quickly and efficiently because Cooling Tower Professionals (CTPro) maintains a large inventory of parts, and flexibility in local manufacturing allows damaged components to be fabricated quickly.

Complete rebuild services are available for older towers which no longer measure up to current or projected requirements. With structurally sound towers, these can be “Energized” to provide the required capacity. A combination where adding new cells to match the external appearance of existing installation might also be feasible.

The replacement market is efficiently serviced by our delivery services. Genuine parts, or parts made to fit when the original manufacturer may have ceased trading can be made and shipped from our Brisbane factory.

Safety is the highest priority when we carry out any project. Fully trained and certified persons are used, thus ensuring quality work. We design, manufacture and install fully compliant access platforms and ladders, out of any material as requested. The serviceman is catered for.

For further details refer to the menu, or send us and email requesting catalogues or extracts from published technical brochures.

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Years of knowledge and experience has made us the best

CTPro has the experience and the back up,  that enable us to make the statement   “We are the best in the business”.  Other Cooling tower companies come to use to assist them if they need help.   We look forward,   taking experiences from the past to lead the way with innovation and we will always find a bespoke outcome to any hard project.  We find a way to make it work where others would walk away.

CTPro has developed the capability to manage cooling tower projects of any size

CTPro is your single source location for evaporative cooling products and services such as:

  • Cooling Towers (all materials) – AS/NZS ISO 9002:1994
  • Evaporative condensers (all materials)
  • Evaporative closed circuit fluid coolers
  • Replacement parts for any make and model.
  • Thermal Performance Testing.
  • Stainless steel / copper / steel HDG replacement coils
  • Steam / high temperature replacement coils
  • Engineer designed and certified steel support structures, steel and fiberglass
  • staircases and access platforms.
  • Large industrial field erected timber or fibreglass cooling towers
  • Replacement PVC fill packs
  • High efficiency PVC and stainless steel eliminators
  • Fibreglass fan stacks 1.8m to 8.5m diameter
  • Aluminium / stainless steel / steel centrifugal fan wheels and axial fans
  • Service / repairs / re-energising to any existing cooling tower
  • Project management, inspections, professional reports and turn key projects

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