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Cooling Tower Professionals

Phone: 1300 784 093     Email: sales@ctms.net.au

Routine tower cleaning is a vital part to proper maintenance of any Cooling Tower system. In order to facilitate this, we provide the following services as part of our Cooling Tower Cleaning Program: 

  • Routine cleaning and inspections in 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annually for water treatment providers.
  • Offer our service direct to the owner on ongoing basis for overall maintenance
  • Highly recommend that consideration is given at least once a year to a thorough clean to where fill pack is removed and cleaned as well

Furthermore all our standard cleans include:

  • Chemical disinfection
  • Waterblast clean of exterior of tower
  • Mechanical condition report with photo’s of issues and tower
  • All reports and information is available direct to client via our cloud based system
  • Training on how to use this system is provided

 For further information or to request an inspection and a price please contact us on

1300 784 093 or sales@ctms.net.au